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A simple slice of images.

Card Captors!

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To save an image to file simply right click with the mouse, "save picture as" or "save image as" into the directory of your choice.

Card Captor Sakura is of CLAMP

All my graphics were created or edited to be best viewed or used with browser settings at 800 X 600.

Some images were adpated or best used with the back ground in which it appears on.

All images are free for your use.  Please do not take my images to add to another Graphics Web Site.  Please do not link directely to the imags. If you use any of my images on your site please be nice and create a text link back to my site or use the banner below to link back to my site.


This is the Anime Card Captor portion of my site.  Please note that images I've created we're only edited by me for web page creation an design. I take no credit for the oringinal artwork and creation of any the anime characters found on any of my pages.

Please also note that  that I first created this site to provide images to young people with no prior html knowledge, although anyone is welcome to use the images.   I try to keep my images simple. You probably won't find many java enchanced images or many sliced images within this site. Please feel free to modify to suit your need.