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Sailor Moon Framed

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This page contains heavy graphics, please click here for a text index of each graphic on this page if loading time is taking too long.
Please right click on the image you wish to d/l then pick Save image as.
All graphics on this page is free for your personal use. Commercial use of the graphics on this page is prohibited. If you use any of the graphics off this page, or another page, or a combination of graphics off of any of my pages, please show credit for my work by placing my logo somewhere on your page linking back to my main site.

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The following text graphics was design to use on a white back ground using html color code #FFFFFF, or a background gif/jpg with the C.M.Y.K. all set to 0.

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Sailormoon/R/S/SS/Sailor Stars and all its characters are the sole creation of Naoko Takeuchi 1992. All contents in this webpage relating to the original Sailormoon anime/manga has been published without the consent of the creator. Unless otherwise specified, everything else including original Moon Maniacs creations and pages belong to me, 1997, 1998 Sailor Mom.