Welcome to Sailor Mom's! I suppose you are all wondering why the title of my page? Well, I'm a mother of 3 wonderful kids, two of which are loyal Sailor Moon Fans! In my daughter's love for Sailor Moon, one day one of them, and probably soon the other as well, decided she wanted a Sailor Moon Web page. How could I say no? I didn't say no! We spent one wonderful week together designing and putting her Sailor Moon web site up. It looks great and I'm pleased to say that in our work my daughter actually learned some useful html codes! If you would like to see what she has accomplished, please feel free to visit Moon Maniacs!


Creating my daughter's web site took us to many other sites in search of pics, promoting her site with banners in guest books, etc. It amazed me that with all the Sailor Moon web sites out there that so many were using the same layout and graphics on their main page as other web sites. So I decided to create a site that offered a variety of SM graphics for young web developers of SM sites that may need some help with graphical content for their site.Please feel free to use any graphics found on this site for the use of your web site. If you do use graphics I created, please add my logo linking your page back with mine..



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